mon platin Jojoba original wax 150ml


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The latest research has produced this state-of-the-art wax based on a combination of jojoba extract and pure water for styling and stability.
Treatment - Enriches hair and scalp with jojoba extract, protects healthy hair and scalp.

Appearance - for high sheen and wet look.

Styling - facilitates long lasting special, mischievous styles.

Wellbeing - long lasting feeling of moisture and refreshing fragrance.

Protection - jojoba extract protects hair and preserves its condition.

Use - for daily use in styling.

Welcome to the world of Mon Platin - where beautiful hair is a way of life.

Whether it's developing a beauty care line to help skin reach its full radiant potential. Or creating products that transform hair into what is truly a crowning glory - Mon Platin can answer the most demanding criteria. Our in-house resources, years of experience and innovative vision are at the service of every customer.

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